KOMMONSENTSJANE – Defund colleges that silence conservatives

Fellow American,

American colleges are wrongly silencing conservative students across the nation — and your hard-earned tax dollars are helping to pay these schools as they do it!

If colleges and universities deny constitutional free speech rights to conservative students, they should LOSE all taxpayer funding.

College bureaucrats shouldn’t be the judge and jury of “acceptable” thought on-campus (read: whatever cause the woke left is pushing that week), and America’s higher education system should teach our kids and grandkids, who are the next generation, to value free speech, discussion, and, yes, disagreement and debate.

That’s why we cannot allow radically liberal colleges to strip speech rights from students — most often, conservative and libertarian students — and continue to be propped up by your tax dollars.

If you agree that we must strip all colleges and universities that are hostile to students’ First Amendment rights of federal tax dollars, please sign this national petition right away.

Sign the national petition
The toxic “cancel culture” we’re battling today started on college campuses. As one major public university has put it, “the most important indication of [speech] bias is your own feelings.”

For example, before Speech First got involved, students at the University of Texas (UT) abstained from speaking on topics like immigration, identity politics, and abortion because they were afraid they would be anonymously reported for making derogatory, hostile, and/or offensive comments to university authorities through UT’s Campus Climate Response Team.

Examples of bias incidents at UT included “somebody… creat[ing] a hostile or offensive classroom environment,” “[d]erogatory comments made on a … course Facebook page,” “[h]ostile and insensitive treatment in interaction with a campus department/unit,” and much more.

Yet last year, the University of Texas system got $172.5 MILLION in federal funding for its 14 institutions.

Similarly, at Iowa State University, before Speech First got involved, students were significantly — and unconstitutionally — burdened from participating in the political process.

Yet last year, Iowa State received a record amount of federal funding: $186 MILLION, an increase of $4.9 MILLION over the previous year.

We cannot allow schools that are supported by our tax dollars to suppress speech rights of conservative students. Sign this national petition today to fight back.

The University of Texas and Iowa State are just two of many schools that have enforced a toxic censorship culture with restrictive policies and/or directly silencing the free speech of conservative students.

There are more schools out there that haven’t yet been held accountable – they are actively restricting students’ speech with policies that thumb their noses at the First Amendment.

Schools are adding legally ambiguous words like “uncivil,” “rude,” “offensive,” and “biased” to their speech codes, and they usually don’t define them. This gives their bureaucrats broad discretion to enforce far-left progressive ideology … and ultimately revoke the constitutional rights of conservative and libertarian students.

Unless we stand up now, conservative students will be forced to silence themselves, face punishment, or give up their values and become more liberal — like their radical counterparts on campus.

Enough is enough! We must demand that colleges and universities that are caught silencing students lose all taxpayer funds immediately.

Please help by signing the national petition today!

Sign the national petition
Thank you for your support of free speech!

Alternate text
Nicole Neily

President – Speech First



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