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Remember that most of the people now in Congress were class members of the Clinton dumbing down modern math where 4+4 can equal any number.  They can’t do math or English.  Therefore, all of the bills going through Congress totaling trillions means nothing to them.  Vote the Democrats out of office.



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question markHere at Independent Voter site Balladeer’s Blog I’ve often noted the way that, no matter where you stand on environmental issues, it’s become another topic where true conversation has vanished. For starters, I’ve never encountered anyone, no matter how they vote, who doubts or – as the hysterical put it – “denies” that climate change occurs.

The question is whether or not human beings can cause that change. And if so, what non-destructive steps could be realistically taken to counter that. No true conversations can be held because the simple-minded religiously insist that whatever the wildest and most over the top suggestions come from the Democrats MUST be obeyed. Without questions being asked. And despite the fact that not even scientists agree on whether or not human beings can impact the planet’s environment. Both sides of the issue can produce “scientists” who back their claims, but none of those scientists…

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