KOMMONSENTSJANE – Biden`s latest $1,8 trillion plan rejects the old social contract of work for benefits


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The Balladeer Speaks – Leftists around the world embody the old saying about being “frequently wrong but never in doubt” as they repeatedly commit the same mistakes..


Are we going to allow history to repeat itself by allowing this stupidity?

Countries keep trying out socialism and if you view the world in its present condition – people are starving all over the world and cities have lost their power – blue Democrat states in the U.S. now want socialism/Marxism and look at them now – nothing but squalor.

So what gives – why would anyone want to buy something that has been proven – IT DOESN’T WORK. It comes from not having clarity in their thinking – which is – by using other people’s money they will make it work. That is, it always ends in FAILURE – because sooner than later – you run out of other people’s money. You would think – after all of these years that people would be smart enough to recognize that SOCIALISM DOESN’T WORK. In the end, it isn’t socialism they want – IT IS THE POWER OVER THE PEOPLE. PLAIN AND SIMPLE. Must we have a civil war to prove that?


Shiny bull

Let`s face it; Joe Biden is the most popular president in the United States ever. More popular than Barrack Obama. More popular than Bill Clinton. What people actually voted for is bigger government, more government spending and more taxes.

Biden is not talking much to the Media, but after 100 days, he held a speech, and that speech scared the hell out of many people in the United States. One of them is Lindsey Graham. Biden scared the hell out of me tonight, he said.

He look weak as a commandor in chief, and he embraced socialism, Graham said.

The Media Mob attacked Trump for his border policy, but only a few is talking about the border crisis they have now. Biden talked about problems like racism, guns, virus and money, but didn`t say much about the border crisis they`re facing now.

He attacked rich and wealthy people that created…

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