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The trouble with the world is they are liberals and are stupid too – and continue being cocksure over matters which are of no concern to them. They keep dipping the “snuff” of full “self-doubt.” They need to run their own countries and stop trying to tell other countries what to do and stop dipping that snuff.  Were they involved in the 2020 steal?

Is that the reason for the doubt about Biden and things are going sour?


Balladeer's Blog

democrat republican or awakeIndependent Voter site Balladeer’s Blog noted that, with more and more states introducing legislation to prevent the “vote fraud by mail” scams that Democrats used in 2020 from being used in future elections, and with ongoing investigations into that vote fraud finding more and more evidence, Joe Biden and his fellow fascists decided to lie some more to distract from all that.

Senile Joe BidenAnyone who thinks that the January 6th protest against an election (that was as tainted as the 1876 and 2000 elections) was “an insurrection” or was “worse than 9-11” needs to seek professional help. 3,000 people died on 9-11. Only people who are insane or are unthinking political robots would compare the two. 

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