This is an extreme comparison – but real to the public. What good is a product purchased from the tech people if you can’t use it or they destroy or damage the product? And, they won’t allow free speech and delete/destroy our written product.

Is their a warranty against free speech/deleting or destroying our written word?

If You Didn’t Get What You Bargained For–Or It Doesn’t Work–RETURN IT!

Law Office of Steve Lehto

The most important aspect of this to consumers is that if your product doesn’t work as you reasonably expected, you may revoke acceptance of it and return it to the seller. (The same is true if your product came with an express warranty that isn’t honored. Many products state that if they fail or are defective, the manufacturer will repair or replace them within certain guidelines. If they do not fulfill that “repair or replace” obligation and you have complied with all of the requirements of the warranty, you can demand a refund as well.)

How can you return the time and harassment that is given from these tech companies?

Why isn’t Congress solving the tech crimes committed on conservatives? The tech people continue to sell computers to the public and make millions. Then they continuously discriminate against us by locking us out or destroying/damaging our purchased equipment. I have two computers – a laptop and a hard drive. They completely wiped out the hard drive after the February purchase. It was sent to the NJ factory for an over haul. And now, Microsoft wiped out my 10 program on my laptop while not allowing me to enter – saying that my password was incorrect – but, my PC Matic was still connected to that laptop while the Microsoft program was removed. It has been 14 days in which they were telling me that the password was incorrect and now finding out that the whole program was gone. Early on they completely destroyed another laptop which was not reparable.

This is expensive to continue trying to fight “this boogie man.” There should be some ramifications against the computer companies to sell a product and then keep you from being able to use that product or destroy or damage it – which is an ongoing problem..

What gives with you, Congress. Solve the problem – once and for all. I am tired of them stealing my time and my money.


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