KOMMONSENTSJANE – D.C. a wasteland, not fit for statehood

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Everything the Democrats touch turns to manure. Look at all of the states run by Democrats – nothing but squalor and rot.

The Dem’s don’t know how to run anything as we can see unless it is lying, cheating, and stealing.  We must work together for the good of the country – they are dragging down our country.

And this man tells you why.





ARLIN REPORT...................walking this path together

The District of Columbia is just over 68 square miles (68.34 sq. miles). By comparisonRhode Island, the smallest state in the country, is approximately 1,212 square miles. Our Founding Fathers intentionally wanted WashingtonD.C. to be a district, NOT a state.

Democrats want to make D.C. our (their) 51st state. It is obvious why. It is a highly dominate Democrat city. Statehood gives this 68.34 sq. miles 2 senators; most likely on the Democratic side of the isle; and probably 1 House rep. This is nothing more than a power grab.

Leave D.C. as it is, a governmental wasteland, perfectly named the Swamp.

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