When religious freedom is ignored or denied, tyranny and totalitarianism tend to follow.

This is genocide. The left wants to help children – what about these babies who are being killed? Are they being hypocrites?

Why are the BIDEN/Democrats/Muslims not speaking out to stop this.



Violence against Christians has reached a CRITICAL CONDITION.

(What if the shoe was on the opposite side – wouldn’t you want this stopped?}

Islamic radicals are targeting Christians for unthinkable devastation. Families have been murdered in the Congo. Christian nurses face life sentences in Pakistan. Pastors have been beheaded, and children have been abducted and forced into slavery in Nigeria.

(We have to stop giving them the taxpayers money to conduct this operation – it is murder.)

When he was Secretary of State, ACLJ Senior Counsel for Global Affairs Mike Pompeo placed Nigeria on a critical persecution watchlist – something we’d long been advocating. Now, we are working with him to defend Christians globally.

We just took critical action at the U.N. to defend our suffering Christian brothers and sisters, demanding international intervention – part of our largest effort ever at the U.N. to defend Christians facing unthinkable atrocities. Our next deadlines are looming.

We can help SAVE CHRISTIAN LIVES, but we face a daunting challenge. We urgently need your Tax-Deductible support.

RIGHT NOW, your gift to help SAVE CHRISTIANS will be DOUBLED through our April Matching Challenge, but our deadline is in SIX DAYS. $5 becomes $10; $20 becomes $40.

Have Your Gift DOUBLED to Save Dying Christians.

Nigeria has become the epicenter of Christian persecution in Africa. And the violence is spreading. We’re already preparing our next action at the U.N. But we need YOU.

Sign Our Petition: Defend Nigeria’s Dying Christians.

Planned Parenthood takes hundreds of millions of our tax dollars as it kills hundreds of thousands of unborn babies, and President Biden just forced you to give them MORE. We’re battling the abortion giant and President Biden at the Supreme Court to defund millions from Planned Parenthood. But as our amicus brief deadline looms, we need YOU.

Sign Our Petition: Defund Millions from Planned Parenthood.

We recently filed our opening brief in our first appeal of an unjust jury verdict that awarded Planned Parenthood millions, even though it was caught in the illegal sale of aborted babies’ body parts. And we’re getting support from some unlikely places.

Read Our Update: New Briefs Filed Against Unjust Verdict.

Planned Parenthood is infiltrating public schools.

Recently the abortion giant was invited to give a presentation to impressionable high school students. The school HID the fact that “abortion” was a major part of the presentation.

We intervened, but we’re not done. We cannot let Planned Parenthood indoctrinate our children with abortion propaganda.

Read Our Report: Planned Parenthood Indoctrinating Students.

When religious freedom is ignored or denied, tyranny and totalitarianism tend to follow. As ACLJ Senior Counsel for Global Affairs Mike Pompeo writes, “[R]eligious freedom must be a central issue, not a side issue, in foreign policy.” He’s working with the ACLJ to carry forward our decades-long fight against persecution on the global stage.

Read Analysis: Religious Freedom Is a Central, Not Side, Issue.

God Bless,
The ACLJ Team

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