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How will this be resolved – not by the Democrat politicians? Look at our open border sponsored by the Soros One World Order. All of the movement of these people are well structured – buses and planes available upon their arrival?

Are these shootings orchestrated and conducted by the joint vision of those two. We know who sponsors the BLM AND ANTIFA.

Following are companies who are donating millions to BLM:

Cisco, Microsoft, Amazon, Gatorade, Deckers Outdoor Corp, Nabisco/Ritz, Door Dash, Intel, Warner Music Group, and Tom’s Shoes.

Don’t buy from these people any more than you have to.

It is time to make these CEO’s responsible for the damages caused by the rioting to cities/businesses – since they are sponsoring them in the riots.

Civil unrest in Minneapolis —also referred to as the George Floyd riots, Minneapolis riots, and Minneapolis uprising —spilled over into Saint Paul and other locations in Minnesota and quickly inspired a global protest movement against police brutality and racial inequality.

Racial inequality in the United States identifies the social inequality and advantages and disparities that affect different races within the United States. These can also be seen as a result of historic oppression, inequality of inheritance, or overall racism and prejudice, especially against minority groups .


The two statements above are inspired by the left to cause disruption in the U.S. and are false. The U.S. have given more money to foreigners and the citizens in the U.S. than any other country. When former President Trump stop giving money to foreign countries and trying to fix our own country after the disastrous Obama administration is when the world started working with Obama to destroy the U.S. Plain and simple.

This is where we are today with Biden reversing Trump’s policies and one of them is the southern border of the U.S. whereby they have turned it over to the cartel and into an OPEN BORDER POLICY like they did in Europe when they flooded it with foreigners because they ran out of nannies (slaves) to wipe their butts.

The rioting is to take the spotlight off the southern open border crowd.


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