For starters – are our politicians helping the ONE WORLD ORDER FOLKS by freely allowing all of these folks in so we can take care of them? The politicians talk a good game but seem to be going along with Biden – nothing but TALK – TALK – TALK and furnishing buses and planes to move them around the country.

When is the saloonkeeper, Biden, going to announce to the drunk Democrats at the bar that he is closing the spending bar and the happy hour is over. Never!

Biden has not been using the Constitution but writing Executive orders and governing by fiat. And the politicians talk and they talk – but do nothing but talk.

Biden has made a mockery of the Constitution. The border states need to follow the Constitution and protect their sovereignty. by using the National Guard at the border and help the Border Patrol to keep out these people who are illegals. They are aiding and abetting the ONE WORLD ORDER CROWD.

Why do the Supreme Court and Republicans continue to sit quietly while Biden is destroying our country. Biden is obstructing our Constitution.

New York is giving checks ($15,000) to illegals while our workers are being given a pittance while destroying the jobs in this country. A good example is the pipeline whereby he told them to go find a “green” job which pays minimum wage. Maybe we should pay these Congress reps a minimum wage since they aren’t working.

Also, Governor Abbott needs to do more at the border to protect it by using more National Guard folks instead of opening the border and allowing the cartel to run the Mexican border. From the looks of the Texas border – it is open season. Come on Governor Abbott – you have the Constitution and Biden has the cartel in his pocket.

Also, where are the parents of the children who are being entered? As a parent would you let your child leave your side and be sent into a foreign country ALONE? THIS IS CHILD ABUSE IN ITSELF.

Also, the Democrat Clyburn stated that the GA new law on voting is nothing but a NEW Jim Crow law which tells me how ignorant he is and loves showing us he is ignorant with his statement. Too funny! Would one of you Democrats tell him to stop making himself look so stupid?

New Jim Crow law – HAHAHA! Was he playing the comedian role?

Don’t hear any of the fake media/tech folks belching out the truth – must be taking a lot of “secret sauce” – DOPE. Dopey is as dopey does?


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