Since when have we started listening to the left’s lying media and a bartender who is still wet behind the ears for advice? Your dismissed – PRIVATE AOC!


Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said anyone who uses the term “surge” when talking about the crisis at the border supports “white supremacist” philosophy.

(The little bad wolf is calling you out with the word “surge” and we are suppose to “shake in our boots?” Too funny!)

This is just the latest example of AOC ignoring facts. Surge by definition means an unusually high number. There IS a surge at the border. If AOC visited the border, she would see what’s happening under Biden’s watch.

(Her visiting the border would not make any difference to her – she is what she is – a fake.)

(As a conservative, why do we care what AOC thinks. You can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. Conservatives need to do their job and quit setting on their butts and not doing their job and acting like they are scare of her. She is ignorant.)

We can’t ignore this situation. Lives are at risk. Even Biden’s Homeland Security Secretary admits that we should resume construction on the border wall to plug some “gaps.”

Let’s hope Democrats finally listen to reason and FINISH THE WALL that President Trump started for them. Stand up to AOC and the Democrats by supporting our efforts to finish the wall.



President Trump made great progress in building the border wall and making America safe. Biden had a pretty easy job, just finish closing the gaps! But instead, he turned this situation into a complete disaster by pushing for weak immigration policies.

Thanks for supporting our efforts to keep America safe!

House Conservatives



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