This article is so disgraceful it’s almost sickening when you think about the level of dis-trust coming from the Speaker of our (the people’s) House in Washington,D.C. & again, a story Censored by our “Free Press” to we the people. Pelosi must be so Hateful it’s a real Threat to the Core for our Country’s Fabric of Loyalty…

Please share this article with your SOI for the good of our Country.

God Bless America and our men & women in Uniform who serve.

 She is such a disgrace! Nicest thing I can say about her.

She knows no boundaries!!

In a bit of news that received almost no news coverage last week, Republicans picked up another seat in the US House of Representatives. Let that sink in for just a moment. It took until February 5, 2021—three full months after the November election—for a House race to conclude in the courts. Rep. Claudia Tenney (R-NY) had to appeal the election results up to the New York Supreme Court, which finally ruled that she was the winner over incumbent Democrat Rep. Anthony Brindisi. The outcome of that election was only decided because there was an audit of the votes in Tenney’s district. Just sayin’!

So, Rep. Tenney was sworn in as the newest member of Congress last Thursday. Members of Congress are typically allowed to bring family members to watch when they take their oath of office. But the number of guests inside the Capitol is limited right now, with coronavirus being the excuse. Anyway, Rep. Tenney chose to have her son come and watch her being sworn in.

House Speaker Nancy Piglosi (D-CA) denied that request. She refused to allow Rep. Tenney’s adult son to attend the ceremony, on the grounds that he is a dangerous security threat.

Wait, what?

Who is Rep. Tenney’s son? Is he some QAnon blogger or a member of the Proud Boys? Does he read Breitbart News (or this website)? Does he have an NRA card? Does he own a hat with buffalo horns on it?!

Actually, Congresswoman Tenney’s adult son is an officer in the US Navy. The guy attended the US Naval Academy and received one of the finest military educations still available in America. He’s served his country since roughly 2013. Right before he deployed to Iraq in 2017, President Donald Trump personally called him to wish him well.

Tenney’s son likely has a fairly high-level security clearance at this point in his career. He’s also been vetted by the military to a level of much more scrutiny than the average person will ever go through. Yet Nancy Pelosi has branded this US Navy officer a security threat to the very same Congress that Tenney’s son has a sworn oath to defend.

This goes far beyond the normal political pettiness that we’ve all come to expect from the Democrat Party. This is ominous.

If a US naval officer is being branded a security threat and is not allowed to enter Congress just to watch his own mother’s swearing-in ceremony, what do you suppose the people in charge think about you?

Pure politics I’d say. Sad Piglosi denied his being able to support his mom at her swearing in to the House.

Spread the word….




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  1. Disgusting, but unfortunately not surprising. Pelosi has shown her personality characteristics for several years now, especially the last 4-5 years. Wicked Bitch of the West! I don’t mean that as a knock against women. She isn’t a lady. Not one damn ounce of her! I would like to say it will someday catch up with her, but it already should have. There is one she’ll still have to answer to! And He is more powerful than she


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