KOMMONSENTSJANE – In First Big China Test, Team Biden Got Rolled…And It’s Painful to Watch | China Uses “Whites are all Racist” Like a Shield & a Club – Thanks Again Democrats

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The Chinese position today is from the goodness of the heart of the U.S. It started with our sharing our money with the world since the U.S. was successful with their hard work and the China people’s lack of education and we allowed them to copy all of our “stuff.” Now they want more which means all of our goodies. Our leadership has failed us by allowing them this access.  China has stole everything they have made since they don’t have the mental capacity to be originalists.  So if I were them I wouldn’t be so “high and mighty.”

China is a bully nation and the world needs to give them a dose of their own evil after dumping the China virus on the world.  It is time for the world to clean China’s plow.  They are  using the world to get rich.  It is time for the world to take them off their “high horse.”

By calling us racist – they are the racists by indulging in vulgar language.  Look what they are doing to their own people – no freedoms.

This is what happens when you help a country on their feet and then they return the goodness by stabbing you in the back.  Where is their thankfulness for helping their country?  They would still be in the gutter if not for the U.S.  Shame on them and hope their God punishes them for their coronavirus evil they put on the world.


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Team Biden had their first big foreign policy test with China—and they failed. There’s no way to spin it. Even the liberal media is saying the whole meeting in Alaska devolved into anarchy. This meeting is supposedly the one that will determine if President Depends is going to meet with Xi Jinping. By how things turned out, I don’t think we should even consider it. Why embarrass the United States even more?

In First Big China Test, Team Biden Got Rolled…And It’s Painful to Watch by Matt Vespa

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