KOMMONSENTSJANE – Obama, Bush in Blackface

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Extremely Unpleasant Opinions

Written by Dystopia Now!

We all thought that the election of a black President would signal the end of racial division – how wrong we were.

The Obama administration was anything but peaceful and liberal. It was a neocon war machine which the media framed as loving. It was a reinvention of the exact same policies of Bush and Cheney, in blackface.

Obama was in real life the demagogue the media accused Trump of being. He was the one who gagged the media and waged a war on journalists unlike anything ever seen. The media mafia of controlled outlets didn’t report anything he did that might reflect negatively and so his was the most secretive and least regulated administration in history. I remember those early Obama years characterised by anyone making the slightest joke being labelled racist and written off completely – a tactic that only exacerbates with every year…

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