March 9, 2021


Thanks to all of those who have spoken out.

This is a good example of extorting businesses which the monarchy is a business is – Kaepernick, Sharpton, Jackson, etc. Isn’t that is how they all got rich? It is easy dough.

Here we go again, progressive left can’t be criticized but the right can. Same old story. The left always praises themselves as the greatest rather than just sharing stories. Surely people realize that Meghan is just trying to make a living by trashing the monarchy. None of them are perfect – just like the rest of us. Oprah used the white people to make the money she has and we all fell for it. Now she is trying to help Meghan.

Why is it when the left tries to mix with a group (monarchy – NFL, etc.) – they always criticize if they can’t be the top person and this is what is the problem with Meghan. They told her the rules of the monarchy and she couldn’t accept it even though she said she would when marrying the Prince. Her vision was to be an exception (just like in the U.S. the left skates free and the rest have to follow their rules according to them). Meghan’s plans in changing the monarchy didn’t work – so she broke the Prince and her plates by returning to the U.S. and now trying to bring them down for racism – the same old dirty trick the left plays.

Time for the Prince and Meghan to go out and get a real job instead of trying to make money off the monarchy.

The public’s got your number.


When will the left play by the rules?

Harry and Meghan were not paid for their interview but Oprah was as the story goes. Do we believe that? Not me. Why is Oprah continuing to stir racism in the U.S. and now the world? Is Oprah still working the Obama racism agenda?

Definition of dirty laundry : private matters whose public exposure brings distress and embarrassment.

Why does Meghan continue airing their dirty laundry on the streets of the U.S. – to make money? Is she trying to bring down the Royals because they won’t let her be first in line because she was in the movies and considers herself royalty?

From my standpoint – I am not interested in her dirty laundry – every family has dirty laundry. Oprah/She are just trying to make money off of the Queen.

The world has bigger problems than what they aired last night. Again, is Oprah still working Obama’s agenda. Sure looks like it.


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