KOMMONSENTSJANE – Subject :You Need to See This Interview.

Chief Justice John Roberts’ refusal to preside over former President Donald Trump’s second impeachment trial is raising questions about whether he views the first-of-its-kind proceedings as constitutional.

This should tell you which way the wind is blowing.


By: Dr. Carol Swain

February 10, 2021

Be the People Project news@ob.wethealliance.com

We The Alliance


Fellow Concerned American:


You won’t see coverage of this in the mainstream media, but there is a single document that lays out everything you need to know about this impeachment trial – President Trump’s legal team has filed a counter-brief for the Senate that details the following:

President Trump did NOT encourage an insurrection
President Trump did NOT interfere with the official certification of the electoral college
President Trump should not be impeached.

This document is strong, but nobody will see it because the liberal media won’t talk about what actions rise to the level of impeachment, or what legal standard the Senate will use – all of this is in the Constitution. People are being lied to and someone needs to educate them.

That is why I started the Be The People Project – to educate our nation with the truth – and push back against the liberal propaganda. When the media refuses to tell the truth about our nation’s President, it is time to go around them and educate the nation. I need you to stand with me today.

My name is Dr. Carol Swain, and I grew up in a shack with no bathroom, was a high school dropout, a teenage wife, and a mother. Now I’m living the American Dream as an award-winning author, public speaker, and retired professor where I was tenured at Princeton and Vanderbilt. My writing has been cited in 2 different Supreme Court decisions.

I was recently on OANN talking about this issue – and how important it is for us to take advantage of this time as a way to educate the nation – the lies are on display for all to see – we can use this impeachment charade to show everyone that the Emperor has no clothes!


You can see the interview here:

Watch the Videp

Watch the Videp


Watch the video, make your most generous donation to the Be the People Project, and share this video with every conservative you know.

I was a part of President Trump’s 1776 Commission that was disbanded by President Joe Biden’s Executive Order because our mission ran counter to the Marxist theories promoted in the 1619 Project endorsed by the left.

This is just another example of the left’s attempt to silence the truth about our nation and our history. If we don’t push back, they will only continue.

Join us as we change the nation.

Thank you, and May God Bless America,

Dr. Carol Swain
Founder, Be the People Project



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