Who says politicians and crooks think alike?

Biden never met a tax he didn’t like or vote to increase it, EVER. Now he is proposing taxes on 401K’s IRA’s (your balance in the bank, and what you withdraw annually). Best of all, he is proposing an ANNUAL 3% tax on the appraisal district value of your home, which would be $3000 if your use is valued at $100,000, $6000 if your home is valued at $200,000, etc. AND, you thought he was just going to give away money to everybody like good ol’ Joe.

Prior to 1983, social security payments were not taxable. In 1983, Joe Biden voted in favor of taxing 50% of Social Security payments – and it passed.

In 1993, Joe Biden doubled down and was the deciding vote in raising the percentage taxed on social security from 50% to 85%. Joe Biden is not a friend to working folks – and certainly not to retirees. His voting record on Social Security over the years is one slap in the face to retirees after another.

Now he wants to tax our 401k’s and IRA’s (it’s on page 78 of the Dems’ platform) and he also wants to introduce a 3% annual tax on our homes. The record of Joe Biden shows he never misses an opportunity to raise a tax or introduce a tax to hurt the middle class and retirees.

Keep this one going. The more people that see this the better. The US media will not put it out.


When will we stop believing these politicians? Years ago the IRA plan was set up for our retirement. The real truth was for us to save for the government to have a piggy bank. Remember when the Democrats (LBJ) used up our social security and left IOU notes.


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