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Biden hates kidsIndependent Voter site Balladeer’s Blog finds it hilarious the way that Time recently ran an article figuratively  saying “Yes, there was a conspiracy of bloated rich pigs, Big Tech and others during the forever-tainted 2020 election, but that’s a GOOD thing.” Uh. Yeah. What could go wrong with a bunch of privileged white corporate fascists and other allies of just one political party interfering with elections in order to get their desired outcome?

For the umpteenth time I will point out how this is so often the way here in the U.S. – the Powers That Be lie and insist something is NOT happening, then when too much evidence to the contrary surfaces they switch to “yes, the thing we’ve been denying DID happen but that’s a GOOD thing!”

At any rate, for imbeciles who only pay attention to news outlets that pander to their own political biases here’s a…

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