It is about time for the left voters to wake up and stop falling into the crack of stupidity with all of the fake news coming from the left wing news media. They continue to prey on your minds and all of you continue to sink into their quagmire of false hoods.

Think for yourself and challenge these lies.

Here is a sample of what the news media gives you and all of you fall for it like a ton of bricks.:

The mayor says D.C. is safe except for murders.

This was actually a heading in the newspaper.

What a relief – I was afraid I’d get my car stolen or someone would plant a bomb in it.

Again, when you read something that is a falsehood – challenge the media.

If we continue blaming the Prince who was elected by the fools – it is less likely to survive a multitude of fools such as those who made him their leader.

I keep hearing noise that the election was stolen?


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