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Subject: FW: 12 Facts you need to know before you decide to take the vaccine. Urgent information.

I got this from a friend today. Lots of talk out there about the vaccine and many people are not going to take it , and some are delaying getting it.

I dunno. Unfortunately, we live in a time when its difficult to know the truth on any given subject.


Dr. Cole speaks out.

12 Facts you need to know about the vaccine before you decide to take it.
You all know that I am a clinician, I take care of patients. That is my first priority. So, when time is left over, I can write. There hasn’t been any time to communicate lately. Today, however, I need to get some information out urgently.

Please realize that this message should not be taken lightly and dismissed. In the last few days, I have heard that some patients have been approached to take the vaccine. I’m going to break this down to the top 12 items you need to know about the COVID19 vaccine before drawing any conclusions.

In an attempt to inform you, though, I am not speaking to you specifically as a patient, here are some of important facts you need to know. Then, being informed, you can make your decision to take it or leave it.

  1. It is not a vaccine. It does not contribute to vaccinated herd immunity.
    Vaccines are a specialized medicine that are given to healthy people to stop them from getting a disease. Vaccines are given to prevent transmission of a virus. The COVID-19 vaccine does not stop you from getting the virus. It has not been proven to prevent transmission. It is not a vaccine.

Because it is not preventing transmission of the virus, it does not achieve vaccinated herd immunity.

  1. The experimental “vaccine” only lessens symptoms.
    The reported effective rates of over 90%, is in reference to minimizing symptoms, NOT immunizing you against the virus. That is why the CDC is still recommending wearing the mask after you take the “vaccine.” You are still at risk of getting the virus.
  2. You do not need to be vaccinated if you have already contracted COVID-19.
    After you have contracted COVID-19 there is one silver lining… you don’t need to be vaccinated. You already have the most robust immune response possible, your natural immune system which is best.

There may be those who argue that you could contract COVID-19 again. Yet, if we look back over history, we find that there is nothing better than the body making the antibodies naturally. Don’t forget, you can always support the immune system with Vitamin D and Vitamin C, zinc and quercetin.

The new “vaccine” was purposely studied in those who had not contracted COVID-19 previously, that is expected. So, for those who had COVID-19 and had symptoms or not, taking the “vaccine” is exposing you to a risk that has not been studied. We do not know how the immune system will respond.

  1. The “experimental vaccine” uses new technology. No other vaccine currently available is like it.
    All current and past vaccines use antigens, a protein substance that the body detects as a pathogen, something that is foreign to us. Some of the COVID-19 vaccines use a modified virus to program our cells to make an antigen. Then, after our cells make the antigen, our immune system fights against it.

For the first time, the immune system is trying to attack something our bodies have made. Will the body consider it “self” or “non-self?” This needs to be studied in great measure before subjecting the public to it. The ramifications of autoimmune disease could be great.

The previous unsuccessful attempts to create a vaccine against SARS-CoV, MERS-CoV and RSV, all coronaviruses, raised similar concerns of antibody-dependent enhancement, or ADE.

Understand, you are agreeing to be in a study when you take the COVID19 vaccine. The previous trials did not include people of all age groups. During the Phase 3 trials, healthy individuals were studied, so we do not know what how this medication will affect the young, old or those with medical conditions.

  1. The “vaccine” may make you sicker than if you hadn’t taken it, especially the elderly.
    The vaccine may cause a paradoxical reaction, called ADE Antibody-dependent enhancement. One type of antibodies, non-neutralizing (or enhanced antibodies) actually aide entry of virus into the cell. It is like a trojan horse, escorting the virus into the cell and increasing the viral load inside the cell.

If the person is infected later with the virus, they can have an even more serious reaction than if they hadn’t taken the vaccine altogether. Studies show that the elderly may be even more prone to ADE.

“Thus, to conclude, treating physicians need to be wary of the fact that reinfection might be a possible outcome in COVID‐19 patients which may lead to a more severe presentations rather than an innocuous symptoms which the patient initially manifest with.”

  1. Reports of inflammation have been identified at the placenta of women who become pregnant after the vaccination. Caution if you desire future pregnancies.
    The “vaccine” is designed to create antibodies to attack the viral s-protein. It is very similar genetically to the proteins made by the placenta. Some reported cases of inflammation have occurred. I urge extreme caution for those of you that desire future pregnancies. This reaction could affect future childbearing. We just do not know. The “vaccine” has not been studied thoroughly in pregnant women.
  2. There are effective, safe, affordable prevention and treatment medications for COVID-19.
    During the pandemic, well over 230 studies have shown that hydroxychloroquine is a safe effective affordable medication to prevent and treat COVID-19. Additional supplements including Vitamin D, Vitamin C, Quercetin and Zinc have all been found to beneficial in the treatment of COVID-19. For the cost of over the counter supplements, and a very affordable medication, usually less than $25, the majority of people can be treated. Doesn’t it make sense to take something previously used for decades?
  3. Deaths due to COVID-19 do not justify the approval an “experimental vaccine.”
    We now know the death rate for COVID-19 in all ages in the US. The death rate is less than 1% for those younger than 70 years of age. 80% of deaths are over the age of 70 with additional diseases associated. We know that 94% of COVID-19 deaths reported in the US have 2+ additional medical conditions contributing to the total death reported as COVID-19 deaths. Great news! The death rate is very low for most people.

We should focus on the high risk group, those over 70 with multiple diseases to protect from COVID-19. Allowing low risk groups to get the virus, will protect those at risk. Natural herd immunity decreases the risk of exposure for those at high risk.

Deaths due to COVID-19 for the majority of ages is similar to the flu. Would you be willing to take the measures you currently are taking for COVID-19 for the flu?

  1. The known risks of vaccines can be serious.
    Vaccines currently available have reported know risks including neurological diseases such as transverse myelitis, Bells’ Palsy multiple sclerosis, autism, and Guillain-Barre.

There are already reported cases of Bells’ Palsy and transverse myelitis and even death with the COVID-19 “vaccine.” The FDA limited the Phase 3 trials and shortened the traditional trial periods from 24 months to 2 months. Now, we are the subjects of the study without knowing all of the risks.

  1. Results of the “vaccine” trials were reported with less than 200 people.
    The trials started with ~43,000, but only 170 people were included in the conclusions that the vaccine was effective at lessening symptoms. Another manufacturer started with 30,000 participants. Efficacy was calculated based on less than 200 individuals.

Is an analysis of less than 200 people enough to draw conclusions for billions?

  1. The pharmaceutical companies and those who administer it are not liable for any damages related to complications of the experimental “vaccine.”
    The pharmaceutical companies no longer have liability for their products. Physicians or pharmacies who administer the vaccines have no liability either.

What could go wrong with that?

  1. The vaccine should be compared to other therapeutic medications to treat symptoms to determine risk vs benefits of the drug.
    Whenever you take any medication, ask yourself, is the risk of taking this medication worth the benefit? If the “vaccine” can only lessen symptoms, it should be compared to other medications that do the same, like Tylenol or hydroxychloroquine.

The latter wins the risk vs benefit comparison hands down.

I remain…

committed to your health,

Shelley G. Cole, MD


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