KOMMONSENTSJANE – Spike Lee Compares Trump Voters to ‘Nazis’ and ‘Slave Owners’

Marie Finn
January 15, 2021

Shame on you. No one has done anything to you except help you make money and that is the way you show gratitude – do you know the definition of that word. You are all the same – we help you make money and then you want to kick us in the teeth and get uppity about your stake in America when people exercise their rights/ Constitution. If you were in Africa – you wouldn’t be rich. Calm down and make your movies so we can make you richer.


The controversial Chi-Raq director went on an unhinged rant about President Trump and his voter base in an interview where he compared the Americans that voted for Trump to ‘nazis.’

“No matter how bad we talk about Agent Orange [Trump], it’s even a more condemning comment on Americans as a country that 70 million people voted for this guy,” Lee claimed.

He believes that casting a ballot for Trump in the 2020 Presidential Election meant being racist towards all Mexicans. “That’s a comment on an America that is OK with the president saying all Mexicans are rapists, murderers and drug dealers,” he continued. “That’s 70 million people who believe it’s OK if you separate mothers from their newly born sons and daughters, many still breastfeeding.”

Then went on to compare Trump voters to ‘nazis’ and ‘slave owners,’ saying: “That’s one of the highest immoral acts: separating mother from infant child. Who does that? Nazis? Slave owners? That’s f—in’ shameful. That’s a f—in’ disgrace and that is a terrible mark on American democracy.”

When asked about the election, he went on to rant. “It’s very sad that this guy [Trump] is still saying that he won and trying to dismantle democracy and his gangsters, co-conspirators, won’t acknowledge it, a lot of them,” Spike commented. “I’d say [his presidency] was a goddamn shame and history is not going to be very kind to Agent Orange.”

Claiming that Trump would cause chaos on his way out of office. “This guy is still in office and he still has the nuclear codes, and it’s highly conceivable that he’s going to start another war,” Lee concluded. “This guy is not going to go out with a whimper, he’s going to go out with a bang.”


Are you a mind reader, too?


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