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Elections have consequences – especially when they are stolen and everyone waits for someone else to do something.


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I don’t know if you have noticed or taken stock of the individual liberties and freedoms that we have either lost or have been so diluted that they are hardly liberties at all anymore! Every despotic regime in history has utilized the tactic of slowly eroding individual liberties and often under the guise and pretense of doing what is best for the people at large. They present the idea that the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few and therefore things like redistribution of wealth, governmental control, and over-regulation of virtually everything.

The Obama administration sought to regulate everything even what we could eat or what our kids could eat in schools. The Democratic platform is more of the same and even expansion of the Obama policies and ideologies. Theirs is a continual assault on virtually all of our Freedoms and Liberties. The Constitution is meaningless to…

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