KOMMONSENTSJANE – Do NOT certify the 2020 Election

My Fellow American,

My name is Josh Hawley, and I represent the state of Missouri in the U.S. Senate. Today, I will officially object to the electoral college results on the floor of the U.S. Senate.

Millions of voters concerned about election integrity deserve to be heard, and I plan to speak on their behalf. In 2004 and 2016, the Democrats in Congress objected to the outcome of presidential elections. Their party and the media praised them for raising concerns about election integrity.

Now, when a Republican stands up for these voters, we are mocked and dismissed as “crazy” and “stupid.”

Crybaby Trump has gone ‘coup-coup,’ and GOP nods along. Call it what it is: Crazy, stupid, and dangerous.

  • Chicago Tribune, Dec. 09, 2020

The Left can call me any names they want, but I won’t back down. I will contest the 2020 Election results, and I am asking the people of America to stand with me as I take on the Left and their friends in the media to protect the integrity of our elections.

This disdain for conservatives and our Constitution extends to corporate America. When I announced my intention, I was publicly mocked by the social media team at Walmart. Walmart?!?

Why are the elites in this nation so worried by questions and honest debate?


Pennsylvania, along with other states, did not follow their own state election laws. There is also a need to point out the role played by Facebook and Twitter to interfere in this election, in support of Joe Biden.

As you can imagine, I am being pressured from all sides to ignore the people’s will and avoid raising this issue, but I do not answer to any establishment. I only answer to God, my family, and the people of Missouri.

If you believe we need to examine the results of the 2020 Election before certifying them under a cloud of darkness and doubt, then stand with me today!

If the 2020 elections made anything clear, it’s that more accountability in our ballot-counting process is far past due. Americans deserve the right to have the confidence and peace of mind that our elections have integrity.

We must be sure that one vote means one vote and that no one can tamper with the results of an election in the United States of America.

The stakes are grave, and I need to know that every American who hold our Constitution dear will be standing with me as I take on the Left and those corporate forces who want to certify this election mired in doubt and potential fraud.

Thank you for fulfilling your responsibility as an American and standing up for our founding principles.

Josh Hawley
Josh Hawley
U.S. Senator, Missouri



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