This coach is the problem and does not speak for the white people. The white people have coddled the blacks. This is demeaning and continues to send the wrong message by saying the blacks are inferior. Everyone is equal and everyone competes equally to succeed or fail.


The Dalton School in NYC was one of the world’s top private schools. Tuition is $60,000 plus expected donations of thousands more. And that is just to attend. Competition to get in is brutal. So they stepped up acceptance of black kids. Most likely they are very smart, and most are probably from middle or upper class families. Now the faculty has issued a mandate to the administration insisting that their demands must be met or else. Right out of university learned behavior. The demands are for black kids to get special treatment, remedial support, psychologists to give support, freedom from disciplinary actions, and racial subjects must be taught. This is absurd, and teaches the exact opposite message that is needed. By saying the black kids should get all this special treatment says they are lesser, and need all this extra help to succeed, where the white kids can do it on their own. How demeaning to the black kids who strived to get admitted. For the white kids it says you don’t matter, and the black kids are inferior, and you should feel sorry for them as victims. All the wrong messages for young kids who should be taught everyone is equal and everyone competes equally to succeed or fail. This sort of thing is happening all across academia, and it is selling victimhood as an aspect of being black, instead of teaching self-reliance and make it on your own like most of us had to do. It just further ingrains the culture of many blacks that they are owed a job, a living and promotions now. I am old enough to have suffered real discrimination when I was young. My response was to rely on myself, and work even harder to succeed, not to depend on the government to give me any favors or handouts. I never felt like a victim. The entire concept of victim now prevalent in academia, corporations, and the press is self-defeating, and just makes blacks more dependent and prone to not feel the need to excel. Telling someone it is not your fault for not getting good grades, or not getting the job, does nobody any good. Many have arrived in the US from war, poverty, the Holocaust, and terrible schools, or were Japanese interned during the war, but they made a success without the government giving them anything other than the freedom to succeed or fail. I am sure many of you were just like me. Starting with nothing, but succeeding by trying harder despite whatever bad things came our way. We are creating a society of “victims”, and that will create a group of angry blacks when they are not just given what they want, and angry whites who feel they also deserve to be taken care of. It will get much worse under Biden. The American pioneering spirit is being denigrated, and it is a setback for blacks


NBA Coach: All White People Are ‘Racist’ (Not true. Sports has continued to use this strategy and look what these coaches have done to all sports. People are burned out on sports and the way they have politicized sports.)

‘It’s a white person’s problem that affects people of color, and so we’re the ones who have to change…’

(Don’t see any suggestions on how he plans to manage his racism.)

Contributing Author
December 29, 2020
Stan Van Gundy

The head coach of New Orleans Pelicans, Stan Van Gundy, argued all white people are “racist” and described himself as the “poster boy of white privilege.”

(That makes Gundy, placing himself in a position of superiority – by claiming he is a racist. Black people love the whites when they do that.)

“We’re the ones that are racist,” Van Gundy, who is white, told ESPN’s The Undefeated this week when asked about his social activism.

“It’s a white person’s problem that affects people of color, and so we’re the ones who have to change,” he continued. “… Certainly you want to promote black voices, right? But if they’re the only ones speaking out, a lot of people just push it aside. There needs to be people saying, ‘No, wait a minute. This is wrong, and we need to correct these things.’”

ESPN—which is a subsidiary of Disney—was lambasted earlier this year after one of its hosts claimed the New York Nets had hired white NBA hall of famer Steve Nash over less qualified black candidates because of basketball’s “white privilege” problem.

Black NBA great Charles Barkley was among those who swiftly dismissed the absurd and “dishonest” claim.

Van Gundy, on the other hand, appeared to agree with the premise, claiming he is part of the problem of racial injustice that is rampant in the NBA and other professional sports.

“I’m a poster boy for white privilege,” he claimed.

“I’ve led a privileged life, so I only know about these issues—and these problems, and these inequities—from people I’ve been associated with, work with, know, care about,” he added. “I don’t carry the issue. But just because something doesn’t happen to you, if it’s happening to people you know, if it’s happening to people you care about, you care about the issue.”

The Pelicans recently hired Van Gundy, who was fired from the Detroit Pistons in 2018.

Even though he has only been back in the league for a couple of month, Van Gundy was chosen to be part of the “NBA Coaches For Racial Justice” committee because of his work in the social justice movement.

David Griffin, the Pelicans’s executive vice president of basketball operations, even admitted Van Gundy’s support for the leftist social-justice agenda was one of the reasons he hired him.

“In an era like we’re living in, being someone who has a positive track record in the area of social justice was important, because it matters to players,” Griffin told The Undefeated.

“His reputation in that space really spoke for itself,” Griffin continued. “And I think when you look at everything that he has done, his action, not what he says, but the things he invests his time, energy and money in, I’m really proud that he is our coach. I think players respect him as a man for those things, and that matters enormously.”

The NBA as a whole has thrown itself headfirst into the social-justice movement—specifically the Black Lives Matter movement—and, as a result, the league has suffered a consistent decline in ratings over the last year.


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