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Trump is like jfk One by assassination, the other by vote fraud?

Independent Voter site Balladeer’s Blog is posting this reminder of the January 6th protest in Washington D.C. over the forever-tainted 2020 presidential election results. Just as few now doubt that Samuel Tilden and not Rutherford B Hayes really won the 1876 election or that George W Bush stole the year 2000 election the 2020 election apparently will be remembered for the way America’s cesspool of corruption which masquerades as a government stole the election from de facto Third Party President Donald Trump.

This is not a partisan issue. Regular readers know I despise both the Republicans AND the Democrats and would love to see both parties splinter into multiple smaller parties in order to break their stranglehold on our government. Just like John F Kennedy, Trump has been about the only president to rock the corrupt Washington boat. It looks like…

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