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Trump is like jfk One by assassination, the other by vote fraud?

Given how career criminal Hillary Clinton still tries to pretend she won the 2016 election and how Stacey Abrams still insists she won the Georgia governor’s race I’m glad to see President Trump and his supporters still fighting the good fight against the blatant vote fraud in the forever-tainted 2020 election. 

Yesterday seven states selected alternate Electors for Trump instead of Biden. (link below) What that mean is that those slates of Electors are in place IF the president’s ongoing legal AND/OR Constitutional challenges in certain cases prevail. This helps keep the indefatigable Donald Trump’s desperation 4th Quarter drive down the field alive into January. 

The seven states were Arizona, Georgia, Michigan (despite the Democrat governor’s fascist attempt to block it), Nevada, New Mexico, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. Their electoral votes – IF Trump and his supporters can prevail – would restore the…

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