THIS IS JUST TOO FUNNY. We should make it in lower case and that would distinguish between the educational doctors and the medical doctors.


Tucker Carlson Mocks Jill Biden and Accuses Her of Going by ‘Dr.’ Because She Has ‘Status Anxiety’

By Josh Feldman

(Hitler Googly is interfering with this blog.)

Dec 14th, 2020, 9:04 pm

Tucker Carlson went after Dr. Jill Biden on Monday night over the backlash to a Wall Street Journal piece on the next First Lady’s honorific.

To briefly recap: Joseph Epstein wrote an op-ed saying Biden should not go by “Dr.” because she is a doctor of education and not a medical professional. The op-ed set off a whirlwind of mockery and criticism, and even one Wall Street Journal reporter called it out as “disgusting.”

Carlson defended the Journal and relentlessly mocked Biden, saying with disdain she’s “a doctor of education, which means basically nothing.”

“Jill Biden is not a doctor, no. Maybe in the same sense Dr. Pepper is,” Carlson snarked. “In 2007, at the age of 55, she got a doctorate in education, so she’s got the same degree as Dr. Bill Cosby.”

He then went on to actually accuse Biden of having “status anxiety,” saying she “decided to cure that, as so many do in our country, with another pointless title.”


Actually, the title for a doctor of education should be changed because it is demeaning to doctors of medicine who spend so many years becoming a “real” doctor.


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