KOMMONSENTSJANE – Senator Dawn Buckingham Highlights Austin Mayor Steve Adler’s Repeated Failures as Mayor

December 11, 2020
CONTACT: Adrian Piloto
(512) 766-7324

Senator Dawn Buckingham Highlights Austin Mayor Steve Adler’s Repeated Failures as Mayor

“In a letter, Mayor Adler recently attempted to apologize and acknowledge how careless and hypocritical his recent private jet vacation to Cabo was after all. There was however, one glaring omission as he failed to admit how big of a hypocrite he is and instead said his actions were ‘confusing.’ With all due respect, Mr. Mayor, the only thing confusing is how you continue to act as if you are above the very laws and guidelines you advocate for.

From intentionally putting your citizens at risk by allowing homeless encampments on citywide sidewalks except for City Hall, to defunding the police causing a shortage in police officers and response times while you continue to have your own police detail, is the very definition of a hypocritical failed leader. You are not the leader you think you are. By putting yourself first and leaving small businesses to die, the capital city you and your council have ‘reimagined’ is now a disappointing result of extreme progressiveness, much like yourself. In case you didn’t receive my last message- resign..”


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