KOMMONSENTSJANE – The True Reason Behind (the left) Canceling Thanksgiving.


They tried to ruin our Thanksgiving – but they did not succeed. Now, let’s have a rip roaring Christmas and New Years.


In this episode, the FreedomWire team discusses the recent rounds of lockdowns handed down by the Democrat governors like Andrew Cuomo, Gavin Newsom, and Tom Wolf. As the holiday season approaches, Democrats are pulling out all the stops and enacting some of the strictest measures we’ve seen so far…but it’s all in the name of “public health,” of course. But does the campaign to make sure we all stay home for the holidays have a much bigger agenda behind it?

The team talks about how, even though these Liberals are handing down restrictions, they keep getting caught ignoring their own guidelines. Newsom and Cuomo have both been forced to apologize for their hypocrisy, but that doesn’t even scratch the surface. So why are these elected leaders SO concerned about what others do in the privacy of their homes? The Left loves to stick their noses in everybody’s business, but they want you to turn a blind eye to theirs…so what are they hiding?

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Freedom Wire

Greetings, and Happy After Thanksgiving!

It seems that the American way of life has been under attack for a while now…

And of course, we know why.

Those that hate our country want to remake America in their socialist image, and the only way they can do that successfully is by destroying the image we have now.

Slowly but surely, they’re making American exceptionalism obsolete, and the way they’re going about their underhanded secret war is pretty disgusting. They’re attacking the very fiber of what it means to be American, and part of that campaign involves undermining uniquely American holidays.

This year, they tried to cancel the 4th of July, not just because of COVID (though that gave a good excuse), but because they said the holiday was racist and xenophobic. According to the Left, the holiday excludes immigrants and ignores America’s past of slavery.

They were unsuccessful in their efforts over the summer, but now they’re trying to do it again—only this time, they’re targeting one of the FIRST American holidays: Thanksgiving.

The Attack On Our First Holiday
For the past couple of years, the Left has been mounting a campaign to cancel this Fall holiday celebration—and like with Independence Day, COVID is giving them a new reason to try.

Why? Because of how closely it’s tied to both America’s history and to religion. The concept of giving thanks to a higher power goes against their atheist beliefs, and they just can’t stand it.

They’ve been saying that the holiday is nothing but a celebration of racism and white supremacy, pointing out that the European settlers who once broke bread with the Native Americans would go on to conquer them.

They use words like “colonizer,” “genocide,” and “systemic racism”…but the holiday stood for NONE of these things.

Thanksgiving is a celebration of abundance offered to us by this land we call America, as well as a celebration of unity of people. The settlers and the natives sat down together to feast on the plentiful bounty that they worked together to provide.

The Left wants to pervert this idea.

They don’t want you to think of that moment when they sat side by side.

They want you to think of the years of strife and bloodshed that came after.

If they can get America to abhor what the event led to, they can get the holiday canceled—and it’s another victory in their final goal of a socialist America.

Which is why we can’t let them win.

Why We Must CELEBRATE (Cautiously) And Give Thanks
We can’t let them destroy the heart of our country,

We can’t let them destroy our beginning because it will allow them to destroy our future.

So, today, make sure to celebrate! Give thanks that you live in the greatest country to have ever existed.

Celebrate with your friends.

Celebrate with your family.

Just do so cautiously and try to keep as safe as possible.

Give thanks for those in your life that add so much to it…because the moment we stop celebrating these things is the moment our country dies.

And that’s can happen…

Not on our watch.

Again, the FreedomWire team wishes you and yours a very happy and safe Thanksgiving.

God bless America!

Freedom and Liberty For All,
Team FreedomWire



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Enjoys sports and all kinds of music, especially dance music. Playing the keyboard and piano are favorites. Family and friends are very important.
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