The left keeps talking about the time frame for the inauguration. The Republicans should ask the courts to freeze this time frame until the “election fraud” is settled. If Biden won fair and square so be it; but, that hasn’t been proven. Both sides should want this to be settled since they are the guilty party as proven in some parts of the country’s court system.

We need to have a one on one with the leaders of the Republican Party. We are tired of the weakness of the leaders and not playing hard ball with the Democrats. The voters vote them in and then they sit around and let the Democrats walk over them. They must show us they can lead.

For starters when Pelosi started the impeachment she did not follow the Constitution and the leaders in the House and the Senate should have taken her to court for not following the Constitution. The same thing during Obama’s eight years.

The election was a fraud and it has to be brought forward – not wait until Biden is in office – that is too late. It is time to get the fraud up front and prove that the counters committed fraud and put them in jail.

Also in regards to the prior investigations with AG Barr – since he won’t do anything and has all of the evidence – fire him and put someone in that will do the job. We cannot allow our country to go down with an Obama/Democrat coup – they are guilty as hell.

It is time for the Republican Party to quit relying on the President to do all of the heavy lifting – get up off your a$$es and help him.


Google just put up their BLOCKS question – What are blocks – it is Google’s way of blocking words they don’t want the public to see.


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