KOMMONSENTSJANE – Mueller Team Senior Prosecutor Andrew Weissmann Wants Biden’s AG to Prosecute Trump For “Potential Federal Crimes”…#IncurableTDS

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He needs to look in the mirror and see who is really the guilty one. Watching what has transpired for four years and before that Weissmann’s tap dancing in the Enron case only tells you how crooked politics and business is.  No wonder our children have lost faith in the system.


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Evidently, Trump Derangement Syndrome is incurable.

Newsmax.com reports that

Andrew Weissmann, a senior prosecutor on special counsel’s Robert Mueller team – President Donald Trump derided him as one of the “13 Angry Democrats” – wants the president prosecuted once he leaves office.

“I believe the next attorney general should investigate Mr. Trump and, if warranted, prosecute him for potential federal crimes,” Weissmann wrote in an op-ed for The New York Times.

Weissmann did admit pursuing a former U.S. president would be divisive, be seen as “merely exacting revenge,” and suck up “the administration’s energy.”

Still, the Mueller investigation’s top charge would be obstruction of justice, something Weissmann claimed, without verification, is a “view is widely shared.”

“Mr. Trump’s criminal exposure is clear,” he wrote, adding “we amassed ample evidence to support a charge that Mr. Trump obstructed justice.”

“Mr. Trump can’t point to what the special counsel investigation did not…

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