KOMMONSENTSJANE – the great BIDEN reset plan…..triggered by covid….destroy the middle class……. new world order, distribution of wealth, your wealth.

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We must remember – the One World Order are not elected persons and we don’t have to move to accommodate them. They are trying to work thru the democrat socialists which at this point don’t have any more rights than we do. They want our country’s money since they have run out of money..

We didn’t elect Biden to anything – they cheated.  Notice what Biden is saying – we will MAKE you do what we want.


ARLIN REPORT...................walking this path together

Biden’s team anxious to implement 4-6 week lockdown. Some cities and governors are ordering ACT II of the lockdowns. Another lockdown will destroy small businesses that barely survived the first lockdown. The government does not care………it is about control and they don’t care how many people die to get it. More people will be affected from a lockdown than they would from the virus. They want a total economic collapse. There is much more to this, digital IDs, digital monetary system………all under their control. Who is they………..Illuminati, Bilderberg’s, Rockefeller’s, Soros, Obama’s, Biden’s………….just tossed them in, they know what is happening.

For our own good, for our own survival and future of our children…….we must rid this pandemic under our plan not government’s. We are losing our rights……..we are giving them up. We are no longer governed we are ruled. They, government want to control ALL aspects of our lives. This…

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