Barack Obama speaks out on politics, the presidency, and Donald Trump.

Why didn’t Obama talk about the coup or the fake media attacks against President Trump/American people – and why didn’t this reporter ask him about it?

Obama appointed over 7,000 quote specialists in the SES program in all agencies to carry out his bidding. They are all over; military, education, housing, CIA, FBI, Homeland Security, everything every Department has these people in it. They’re still there and still operating according to what the Liberals want done. So there’s a lot of folks that need to get canned.

Obama still hasn’t forgiven President Trump for beating Billary in the 2016 election. They thought they had it in the bag. For four long years they worked to eject the duly elected President Trump. Now with the 2020 election they worked hard to cheat by using Hammer and Scoreboard provided by the CIA to elect Biden.

The country is now in a state of flux – finding out democrat state after state cheated to elect Biden.

Obama is irrelevant in the governing of our country; but, can’t help himself by trying to inject himself in the process. He is the master of the swamp coup and should be in jail right now. He forgets no one has elected him. Wonder how many times he used the Hammer and Score Board to win those two elections since he wasn’t qualified for . Now we know the rest of the story. Just another empty suit living off of stolen taxpayer money.

Now if you want to buy a car and with his smooth-talking – he will be happy to sell you one.


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