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Obama at wheel The worst president in American history.

Well, it’s official. Barack Obama has been pronounced the worst U.S. president ever by a panel of experts. The weak, inept and crooked little man was denounced for his flagrant failures with the economy, his many scandals, his disastrous foreign policy and for his blatant corruption, including his misuse of the FBI as his own personal secret police.

I’m no fan of Obama, but even I think it was hitting below the belt for the historians to point out Obama’s horrible college grades and his continued embarrassment over them and refusal to be open and transparent about them.

Obama I dont alwaysThey were on much more solid ground pointing out the way Obama was patted on the head, coddled and lied about from day one, being granted a Nobel Peace Prize “on spec” after just a few months in office. And how youtube is loaded with videos…

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