Google was kind enough to let us have our drafts this morning. This was one blog they hid. I rewrote this one; but, here is the original.

In 2016 when candidate Donald Trump was elected President, the marriage between the Republicans and Democrats started off on a rocky start because the mother-in-law, and father-in-law (Schumer/Pelosi) have been working for four years to undue the marriage. The re-election, the marriage hit the rocks after Schumer/Pelosi worked behind the scenes with the CIA to try undue the marriage with the scene using HAMMER AND SCORE BOARD to take away votes from Trump and wave them over to Biden. Now the lawyers will step in to prove the states were infected with those diseases to cause the split.

The honeymoon and marriage was never consummated due to the cheating of the Democrats starting immediately when the candidate announced his intentions to run. The four years were intentionally rocky to cause the divorce and Biden and now has caused the divorce by cheating and wants all the gains brought forth with the marriage.

President Trump never had a honeymoon period and the marriage was never consummated which are legal means to annual this election which was illegally gotten. The end should be sent too the courts to solve the problem of another crime committed which is on top of all of the cheating during this marriage.

Now that the election is in the stage of retribution – as a saloonkeeper announces to the Democrats at the bar that he is closing the doors and the happy hour is over. We all know that President Trump never had a honeymoon and the marriage has been nothing but hell for four years and Congress did nothing in those four years but commit crime after crime while the President continued to bring the posture of the country out of the doldrums of the Obama/Biden administrations which were:

With the end of a honeymoon which never happened and the 2020 crime ridden election – we will now go to court and see what the results will be.

In this case the “end of the honeymoon” and the election means – what will be the political result be – Biden states he won which is a lie and now the President will prove that the Democrats cheated in the “crime of the century” with the scheme the CIA has used in worldwide elections and now used of their own country.

The CIA must be purged.


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