KOMMONSENTSJANE – Stop the steal : More evidence of the cheat machine — The way I see things …

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Originally posted on Eatgrueldog:https://theredelephants.com/there-is-undeniable-mathematical-evidence-the-election-is-being-stolen/

Stop the steal : More evidence of the cheat machine — The way I see
things …

Media attempting to rule this country. They are telling us “THEY WILL DECIDE ALL!”.

The rhetoric you hear now from the media……….being all about Biden is their attempt to mold in our heads that their anointing of treasonous Joe Biden will stand, just because they said so. They are hoping we do not have the will or patience to verify/confirm and further proceed with a reversal if proof shows the election was in fact stolen. Think stealing an election is beyond the Democrats……….THINK AGAIN. (Arlin Report comment)

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