In 2016 when candidate Donald Trump was elected President, the marriage between the Republicans and Democrats started off on a rocky start because the mother-in-law and father-in-law” (Schumer/Pelosi) have been working for four years to undue the marriage. After the re-election, the marriage hit the rocks after Schumer/Pelosi worked behind the scenes with the CIA to try to undue the marriage with the election using HAMMER AND SCORE BOARD to take away votes from Trump and wave them over to Biden. Now the lawyers will step in to prove the states were infected with those diseases to cause the crime.

All of this was forecasted by Biden and Pelosi:



And then when the CIA actually does their dirty work:

BREAKING: “Operation Scorecard” CIA-run vote theft software switched votes from President Trump to Biden in HUGE Numbers

The honeymoon and marriage was never consummated due to the cheating of the Democrats starting immediately when the candidate announced his intentions to run. The four years were intentionally rocky to cause the divorce and Biden and now has caused the divorce by cheating and wants all the gains brought forth with the marriage which he said – he would reverse.

Following are the promises made and kept by President which has never happened in history:

. Moved the American Embassy to Jerusalem

. Dramatically strengthened the U.S.-Israel alliance in myriad other ways

.Was dramatically strengthening America’s alliance with the Arab world

. Withdrew the U.S. from the insane Iran nuclear deal

. Crushed the ISIS caliphate, ending genocide against Christians and Yazidis

. Massively increased defense spending to rebuild the American military

. Pushed NATO to spend more of its own money on its own defense

. Gotten tough against the regime of Russian President Vladimir Putin, contrary to the allegations that were being made that he was “colluding” with Putin and weakening U.S. national security

. Signed the biggest tax cut and tax reform bill in U.S. history, creating millions of new jobs and powerful and sustained economic growth

. Made America energy independent

. Appointed hundreds of conservative, pro-life, originalist federal judges

. Appointed two originalist, Scalia-esque Justices to the Supreme Court

Will AG Barr now come forward and prove the infidelity of the Democrats? He has all of the proof and blood trails. Now will the CIA and FBI be arrested and the deck cleared of the trash?

President Trump never had a honeymoon period and the marriage was never consummated which are legal means to annul this election which was illegally gotten. The end should be sent to the courts to solve the problem of another crime committed which is on top of all of the Pelosi crimes during this marriage.

Now that the election is in the stage of retribution – as a saloon keeper announces to the Democrats at the bar – that he is closing the doors and the happy hour is over. We all know that President Trump never had a honeymoon and the marriage has been nothing but hell for four years and Congress did nothing in those four years but commit crime after crime while the President continued to bring the posture of the country out of the doldrums of the Obama/Biden administrations which is listed above:

The end of the fake honeymoon is over and now the Democrat’s size was suppose to increase – but the blue wave never happen – why not – the CIA managed the election. Was it that the CIA tentacles couldn’t cover all of the bases without being caught and sure enough they were caught. Who slipped up?

Was it Biden and Pelosi’s big mouths who stated – the Democrats were going to win irregardless of the President’s size. When the President’s number increased the CIA dropped in and increased Biden’s numbers.

So, how will this fake honeymoon end – it will end with the fake Congress trying to position themselves with a progressive front which is what Biden ran on.

In this case the “end of the honeymoon” and the election means – what will the political result be – Biden states he won which is a lie and now the President will prove that the Democrats cheated in the “crime of the century” with the scheme the CIA has used in worldwide elections and now used on their own country.

The CIA must be purged with the U.S. Marshals and the FBI must be dissolved and started over with new inductees. All of the people involved with the coup have to be brought to justice.

With the end of a honeymoon which never happened and the 2020 CIA /Democrats crime- ridden election – we will now go to court and see what the results will be. As always the term HONEYMOON in politics is not only a cliche’ – it is baloney.


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