KOMMONSENTSJANE – Whites are Red, Blacks are Blue

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For your information.  We go through this every four years and it is getting to be “old dirt.”  The white Democrats always calling the black people on the carpet to remind them about the plantation and where they belong.  When will this stop.  Can we go through one election without all of the name calling.  The blacks are 13 plus population and it is getting “old hat.”  Let them have justice by leaving them alone and let them live and make their own life.  Democrats – stop killing all babies.



“If you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, you ain’t black.” – Joe Biden

If this was a joke, as the Washington Posts suggest, (1) Biden sure took his time to set up and deliver and an awful punchline that produced no chuckles.

But apparently, the black community is fine with being the butt of a joke as long as it comes from the right mouth.

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