KOMMONSENTSJANE – Believe Biden, He Said: We Have ‘The Most Extensive and Inclusive Voter Fraud Organization.’

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Google put a HOLD ON THIS BLOG.  For documentary purposes.


For your information.

Fox continues to perpetuate the fraud by not changing their fake leader board. Brian stated they were not going to change it. Would Brian agree if the board at a ball game needed to be changed with an error and they would continue counting with the wrong number on the board. You are misleading uninformed people, Brian. No more Fox for me – they have joined the left. Also, Tucker caved on the Hunter Biden story – what was in the lost package that you made such a debacle over. Oh, I forgot he was going to stop dumping on Hunter ($).


The Mad Jewess

Believe Biden, He Said: We Have ‘The Most Extensive and Inclusive Voter Fraud Organization’

I believe him. Who says something like that as they are running for President? Lots of people claim Biden is a ‘good guy’. Maybe I agree. Because he was letting us ALL in on the Democrat Communist Machine. You know… God sometimes has a way of making people tell the truth and they don’t even know it. Thanks for telling us what the Democrat Machine is REALLY all about, Biden.

If I knew he was this honest, I might have voted for him…

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