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This is indictive of the democrats nature – screw it up so that you can call it anyway you need WITH THE HELP OF THE SUPREME COURT.


Now we have the later round. After a political experiment in California successfully used late, fraudulent voting to turn Orange County from red to blue, the effort, with the complicity of the Supreme Court, seems to have expanded. There were worries that mail-in voting might rig the election, and if the military might be needed to remove a reluctant incumbent from office. No one, of course, asked what the opposition would do if it lost the election and refused to leave. The only recommendation so far seems to have been threatening more riots.

And the Supreme Court steps in to “muddy up the waters.”  Was this intentional?  Why is it only these two DEMOCRAT states were given “this blessing TO COUNT AND ADD VOTES AFTER THE CUT OFF?”


Why were only two states given extra time to count ballots and they did not give Barret time to fully review the briefs?  Anything to muddy up the waters and add votes.    The Democrats did this in 2018 with CA and changed a red state blue by cheating.


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Donald Trump rock starHere at Balladeer’s Blog I’ve been getting a lot of comments and emails from readers – especially overseas – asking for my take on the night’s events. As always I’m humbled by the way so many of you – again, especially overseas – pay me the compliment of trusting my take on political events here in the U.S. I’ll address the Congressional races first, THEN the presidential race.

*** Even the Democrats at Politico are admitting, as their Jake Sherman put it “Democrats are waking up to an abject disaster and there is no other way to explain this. …Republicans are going to net seats in the House of Representatives. That was on nobody’s radar. They (Republicans) knocked off a whole host of (Democrat) incumbents. The GOP added women to their ranks.”

NOTE FROM BALLADEER: So, once again we have seen how utterly useless polling in America has become. Not…

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