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For your information.

Do you want to see this ’empty vessel’ in front of us for four years?


ARLIN REPORT...................walking this path together


Joe Biden is speaking ……….excuse me reading from his teleprompter at this moment. It just dawned on me……how freaking condescending…insulting this career politician jackass really is. He is yelling at people in an basically empty parking lot. He is lying his tail off! We’ve heard from people in the COVID task force since January….yet Biden says Trump has no plan. That is insulting to the task force as well. Biden lies about everything…….even things visibly before us. How stupid does he think we are? He thinks he has to yell at us. He is an arrogant, condescending CAREER POLITICIAN!

Okay descending Joe Biden just finished reading. He spoke for maybe 5-7 minutes (I have better things to do than time his reading period). Biden acts like he is reading to a kindergarten class. Problem is it is an empty class.

They never show the people in…

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