The Democrats/Biden want to end fossil fuels (fracking) which is part of the Green deal.

The Biden campaign has seemingly gotten a free pass when it comes to their nefarious dealings. Reports have come out tying Democrat nominee Joe Biden to his son’s suspicious foreign dealings and multiple major news outlets have decided to ignore the story. Tuesday night Tony Bobulinski, a business associate of the Biden’s was interviewed by Tucker Carlson and he was not afraid to tell the whole truth – the explosive claims and the fake media are ignoring them: THEY ARE SHAKING IN THEIR BOOTS.

You can’t tell me the factitious “man with a knife” stage play was real. Two Policeman with one guy with a knife sparks a major riot. Come on Dem’s – your playbook can do better than that. Even Biden with his statement “we have the best FRAUD DIVISION IN DEMOCRAT HISTORY” made more play then two Policeman playing around with a man with a knife. You guys are going to have to practice more. Just think you could have “put him to sleep” in one shot with a tranquilizer gun instead of killing him. Putting him to sleep wouldn’t start DEMOCRAT RIOTS – WHICH IS THE STRATEGY.


Haven’t heard the fake news ask Biden about that slip of the tongue. Just think a Democrat bragging they have the best FRAUD DIVISION in democrat history. We have seen it in play for four years and the OBAMA COUP (eight years of Obama). Is that the reason for us wearing mask so that you all don’t have to take off that mask – the DEMOCRAT FRAUD DIVISION?

Strange Seattle/Portland stopped rioting since all of the attention was on Philadelphia because the main subject was “fracking.”

Yep, those Democrats get caught on every corner. Even Shifty SCHIFF was called out for his fakery.

The lies are catching up with the Democrats. Obama/Biden have been colluding with China for eights years and when President Trump was elected – the TRUTH IS NOW BEING DIVILUGED.

A vote for Biden/socialism is a vote for the Chinese with no U.S. Constitution.


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Enjoys sports and all kinds of music, especially dance music. Playing the keyboard and piano are favorites. Family and friends are very important.
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