KOMMONSENTSJANE – Every Time Obama Lied About Trump During Biden Campaign Speech.

Former President Barack Obama hit the campaign trail in an effort to help drum up support for the current Democrat Presidential nominee Joe Biden. During a campaign stop in Florida, Obama delivered a speech riddled with false claims and mistruths about President Trump attempting to paint him in a negative light before the election. We are breaking down every time Obama lied about Trump:

Former President Obama claimed that President Trump had no plan to address the Coronavirus pandemic, specifically referencing the final debate between Trump and Biden. It’s clear that Obama was not listening closely to the debate or he would have clearly heard President Trump reference Operation Warp Speed, his plan to quickly distribute a Coronavirus vaccine to the American people.

Most people with common sense can see straight through Obama’s claims and know President Trump did not ever say that. The President has referenced some experimental technologies and procedures as possible ways to help curb the Coronavirus. The main emphasis is that scientists are still trying to understand the novel virus and find any and all means to eradicating it.

Several policies enacted by the Trump administration have directly helped to lower Black unemployment levels to historic lows. Trump’s emphasis on immigration enforcement and domestic manufacturing have both played key roles in lowering unemployment levels in the Black community.

“He barely pays income taxes”

Another false claim made by Obama that most with common sense will see straight through. Despite losses in some years, the President pays millions in taxes.

Trump couldn’t answer Leslie Stahl’s question, “What’s your priority in your second term?”

Wrong again, Obama. President Trump did answer her question, he said “The priority now is to get back to normal, get back to where we were, to have the economy rage and be great with jobs and everybody be happy. And that’s where we’re going and that’s where we’re heading.”

“America created 1.5 million more jobs in the last year of the Obama-Biden administration than in the first three years of the Trump-Pence administration.”

This may be one of the wildest claims Obama attempted to make during his speech. Data shows that more Americans were employed at the beginning of each of Trump’s first three years than in the last year of the Obama-Biden administration. Obama also seems to be making that claim that more jobs were created in 2016 than in 2017, 2018, 2019 combined which is absolutely untrue.

“The only people truly better off than they were four years ago are the billionaires who got Trump tax cuts.”

Wrong again, Obama. In 2017, a majority of American’s actually received a tax cut. Also, a recent poll conducted by Gallup found that over half of Americans said they are better off now than four years ago.

“We hope the Supreme Court takes your health insurance away.”

President Trump never said this. President Trump has publicly stated he hopes the Supreme Court repeals Obamacare because he wants to replace it with a better alternative.

“Joe Biden would never call the men and women of our military suckers and losers.”

And neither did Trump, the claims that Trump ever insulted our military was widely discredited by multiple sources who confirmed the President never made any such comments. Obama was clearly grasping at straws when trying to come up with ways to disparage the President.

Trump “drove up costs” under Obamacare.

Obama is false again. The exact opposite has actually happened under the Trump administration and premiums have decreased.

Trump has not addressed preexisting conditions.

Has Obama been hiding under a rock? The President recently signed an Executive Order laying out his plan in September and Trump has repeatedly addressed the issue during events and interviews. Trump has repeatedly said those with preexisting conditions are a priority and will be protected under his healthcare plan.

President Trump “doesn’t acknowledge there’s a problem” with Coronavirus.

President Trump referenced the virus during his State of the Union speech, has tested positive, and since recovered from the virus. Obama making the false claim that Trump has not acknowledged the Coronavirus is completely untrue.

Trump said, “if you put some bleach in you, that might clean things up.”


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