There seems to be a problem of understanding by Republican white people who are in jobs that have to deal with the population in our cities. We have to understand that people are not all raised the same. Some people you can treat with kindness and others you cannot because of the violent atmosphere in our cities.

I found that to be true when working in a public large corporation. Our corporation had two people trained specifically for problems arising from discipline problems within their area of work. One was a white official and one was a black official. My office was across the hall from them. The problem that was being called out was with a black employee who seemed to be a problem child in which the supervisor couldn’t settle. The head of the department felt that maybe he should be sent to the front office for a discussion to see what made him tick.

The first visit was with the white official which was a lively discussion and low key. The problem employee expressed his views which was a normal conversation about his job. The white official expressed his concern about the rules which were being broken and were necessary in the job which was being absent, tardy and his performance which after a certain number of performance reports could cost him his job and was explained to him. After the white official finished with the interview, the black official came in and sat down with both of them and reviewed the problem.

After a few seconds, the sound of loud voices flowed out of the room which was the voice of the second official which was very stern with some words of wisdom that weren’t normally used.

After a period of discussion between the three as to what was expected, the door opened and the employee walked out of the room with his tail feathers dragging the floor.

Later, I asked the second official – how did he determine to use the language that was used in the discussion?

His reply was, there are some people in life who have been raised in an atmosphere of rough and tumble atmosphere and have to be approached in that manner. Their idea of a pleasant discussion about their job performance relates to acceptance. In order to reach them you have to “bring down the hammer” to get their attention.

Later, the performance of this employee accelerated into being a good employee.

You can’t treat all of the people the same. When people turn to violence then the Republicans and the authority can’t treat them with “kid” gloves which is happening with the Democrats – and sooner then later someone is “going to have to bring down the hammer” since that is the only thing they understand.

In order to have people obeying the law – you have to have law and order and the Democrats have broken all rules of “law and order” and have to be challenged. Even the governors and mayors of their cities have not protected their cities and have allowed the violence in those cities. They are not following the Constitution which is to protect ALL PEOPLE and that is not happening.

In the past, the Presidents have used the MILITARY to correct this insurrection whether the GENERALS LIKED IT OR NOT. The generals who do not want to use the military now are on the side of the Democrats and are committed to Obama’s coup.

Check out the history of the U.S.

It is time for the FEDERAL government to BRING DOWN THE HAMMER.


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