OBAMO, THE TERRORIST, IN FLORIDA POLITICING MORE LIES – trying to save his own neck. Obamo is running scared. He doesn’t realize that the citizens are now petitioning for the OBAMO Democrats TO BE BROUGHT TO JUSTICE since AG Barr is dragging his feet.

Barack Obama’s half-brother – MALIK – rips OBAMO AS ‘cold and ruthless’ ex-president.

He also mocked the Democratic nominee Joe Biden as too old and feeble to win.

OBAMO knows if President Trump is re-elected the swamp will be drained.

Former President Barack Obama on Saturday laced into President Donald Trump, describing his successor as a thin-skinned bully whose true weakness was revealed when he walked off the set of a high profile interview this week after being faced with a few probing questions.

Obamo’s step-brother thinks differently – Malik’s faith in President Trump is unwavering. I’m 110% still with President Trump, he said. He’s not a fake. He tells us the way he sees it. He’s bold and fearless and he’s tough.

America sees it the same way. We know Obamo and the Democrats are crooks.

We will see how tough Obamo is – they have all been caught with the CHINESE/RUSSIAN FACTOR.

Even Billary is speaking out “that if they get caught they will hang from the gallows.” She knows what she be speaking about!

Do the people know if they are voting for Biden it is a SOCIALISM PACKAGE?

Biden/Obamo are sporting a socialism logo (THREE RED BANNERS) in Biden’s candidacy package. I thought they were the BLUE party:

Biden/Harris are lying to the people every day. They are in bed with the Chinese/Russia by covering up their lies that Trump is sponsored by Russia when actually the Democrats have spent $40 million dollars for their cover and four years of a do nothing Democrat Congress and burning and looting their own Democrat cities. Now, would anyone vote to continue their way of running the country?

Are we there, yet?


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