Poor Kamala. She recently campaigned at an outdoor event in Asheville, North Carolina.

Harris, who was chosen as Biden’s running mate in a decision that was partly based on her gender and ethnicity, doesn’t appear to elicit a great deal of excitement.

She landed in Asheville wearing a pair of tennis shoes that were probably carefully chosen as a way for her to show us how genuine and raw she is. There’s no excitement when she lands. There’s no large crowd:

Jasmine Wright
.@KamalaHarris arrives in Asheville, NC where she’ll make remarks at an early vote launch.

I’ll be on the stop with her today and will thread coverage under here!
0:12 / 0:12
9:47 AM · Oct 21, 2020

The only issue for Harris, who has been a ghost on the trail, is that few people seemed interested in hearing her speak. C-SPAN video from the event shows a gathering of roughly 25 people, and that includes members of the media and security.

This is pathetic:

Then, there is the huge gaffe she made.

At another stop on the campaign trail in Georgia, Harris told the very small crowd: “Over 220 million Americans died just in the last several months.”

“Over 220 million Americans…died”

  • Kamala Harris on COVID-19

10:37 AM · Oct 23, 2020

“And here we thought Net Neutrality was supposed to kill us all. Who knew? Guess those of us writing and reading this are among the 110 million who didn’t die in the last seven months,” Twitchy reports. “This … this was bad.”

The mainstream media covers for the Biden campaign claiming the non-existent crowds are due to the coronavirus. That may be. Or, is the Biden campaign collapsing? Is there just no real enthusiasm out there?


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