Watching the debate tonight made me realize why President Trump does such a good job in leading the country and why Joe Biden is so boring. Biden is a typical politician – nothing but 47 years of promises while President Trump has kept his promises and needs four more years to finish the investigation. Biden is running to save the Democrats’ hides.

Why do people go to Trump rallies?

US Election Day is November 3rd.

Election Day is only 12 days away. Find out everything you need to know about voting in the 2020 US Election.

Get Ready to Vote – our Constitution is on the Democrats chopping block.

By: Stan Fasack

One is because of the uniqueness for any president to stand at the podium for hours and talk to our citizens , and communicate what he accomplished and what he still wants to accomplish.

It is like going to a rock stars concert , you are entertained , it has humour , and like any concert , has people attend who are fans …

Yes, no other president has done this in our history , but Trump is one of a kind , and those who attend are his fans , and love the fact that Trump talks to them like an ordinary guy , and never talks at them ..

He is able to deliver his hopes and dreams for our country , and tell millions of those who had elected him , that he is keeping his promises and how his agenda is helping all Americans , especially the minority communities in our country ..

He draws tens of thousands of our citizens , who just want to participate in this unique political event .

I have watched many of these on TV, and I am struck in how Trump captures audiences in the tens of thousands , who cheer him and let him know , that they support him in his goal to make america great again…

That is a slogan which will go down in history , however the authenticity which got Trump elected, has been shown to be real, and mid-America loves him, and the coastal states instead of embracing these changes, have decided they cannot beat him at the Polls , so they would use every other means to destroy his presidency , regardless how that would harm America …


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