See even Google keeps interfering – just like this member of the commission. He is doing exactly what he is accusing the President. For documentary purposes.

When I see some of these wounded veterans trying to get help, I always think about all of these older politicians walking around with their big retirements complaining about trying to straighten up the government. These were the people who caused all of these fake wars. And when someone like this person is working against the American people that is more than we should accept.

It has been very obvious that this member is part of SPYGATE or NEVER TRUMPERS by his actions in disparaging the President or why else would he come out of the wood work to make this accusation? Every debate up to now has been nothing but a “dog and pony” show and depicts the bias which has been so evident. So, please, spare the citizens your umbrage.


A member of the Commission on Presidential Debates said President Donald Trump’s attacks on the commission are “just wrong,” a rare rebuke coming from a member of an organization that strives to stay neutral.

Trump has repeatedly attacked debate moderators and the commission, falsely claiming during an interview on “Fox & Friends” on Tuesday that his matchup with former Vice President Joe Biden this week is “so set up,” even though the debate topics and moderator were agreed to by both campaigns weeks ago.


The public only heard that a “mute” button would be on the debaters’ equipment this week. Actually, we shouldn’t have a moderator with what has been presented in the past. What we have seen so far are Biden’s questions could be answered by an elementary student and President Trump’s question are indignant questions with no foundation. In other words – silly questions or questions one right after another at break-neck speed (Guthrie-NBC).

Shame on all of you who are supposed to be intellects because all of you are presenting yourself as juveniles vying for the “new girl in town.”

It is disgusting to see our former leaders join an empty-headed community organizer who never worked a day in his life and has been funded by the public – trying to take over the country by being a terrorist and committing treason.

By the way this man who is on the commission should resign since he supports Biden who doesn’t follow the Constitution. Biden shouldn’t even be allowed to run since he is under the Spygate investigation.

The whole problem is that the President is trying to return our country to a Constitutional government and these former folks want to run the government like a piggy bank for the politicians. By the way, did this person on the commission take a salary when he was in office – President Trump gives his to charity?

Glad you are gone, you rascal you!


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