When will New Yorkers have to start the morning with saluting the Herr Governor?

What’s with New Yorkers? They keep electing Democrats who continue sucking the money from the people and they expect a different outcome? Would someone go in there and perform some IQ tests and see if that is the problem. New Yorkers are from all over the world and come here to have freedom and to have a good job. The problem is with these people is they have been under a dictatorship so long – they forgot what they came for.

New Yorkers might try electing a Republican to change the “religion” in the state.


The answer I keep getting is – If you’re going to question every weirdo in the city – you’re in for a long day.

And, my answer is – why did you come here if you didn’t want freedom? The way I look at it – stay where you are if you don’t want freedom because you are messin’ with our freedom. You’re preaching socialism.

Look at your AOC – she really is messing with your playhouse and you keep re-electing her. Do you all want the ‘GREEN DEAL?” New Yorkers need to take a short course on what the green deal really is. They are trying to take us back to the “cave” days which is backward. Surely New Yorkers are smart enough to recognize that.


Remember Sweden had no lock downs or mandatory masks with no pandemic.

The little nazi called Cuomo is jerking the chains of the citizens. Any state who is not open is being done the same way. They are testing power over the citizens, wanting to see how far they can go before you stand up to them, and that is not THE U.S. way.



Cuomo threatens to withhold funds from schools, NYC, if coronavirus closures not enforced

OCT 14, 2020 AT 6:07 PM

Gov. Cuomo threatened to withhold state money from New York City and schools in coronavirus hot spots if COVID-19 safety regulations aren’t enforced.

The governor, frustrated by yeshivas in parts of Brooklyn and upstate that have remained open in defiance of shutdown orders, said he sent a letter to local governments saying they must enforce or lose funding.

“I don’t know how else to get them to do the enforcement that they need to do, so hopefully that will motivate them, because nothing else I have done has motivated them,” Cuomo said during a call with reporters.

While he didn’t specify how much money could be denied to the Big Apple, the governor indicated it could be a significant number.

“We have the authority to impound all funds to a locality,” he said. “How much will we penalize them? It depends, and it will be to our discretion.”

The ultimatum comes a week after the state issued a temporary limit on gatherings and closed schools and businesses in nine hot spot zones, including the ultra-Orthodox neighborhood of Borough Park, which has one of the highest infection rates in the city.

And yet, dozens of private yeshivas in the neighborhood have ignored the shutdown order, leading Cuomo to insinuate Mayor de Blasio is afraid of the political fallout associated with enforcing lockdown orders in the area.

“They don’t want to do the enforcement. Why? Because it’s politically sensitive,” the governor said without mentioning the mayor by name. “The community we’re talking about today is a politically powerful community… so I understand they don’t want to incur the wrath and the political downside.”

After the governor announced strict safety measures in the so-called “cluster” sites, hundreds of Hasidic protesters took to the streets in Brooklyn, burning masks and carrying signs slamming Cuomo.

“This is no longer a question of public education — it’s enforcement,” the governor said. “I’ve made it very clear to members of this community what the rules are, what the science is.”

Cuomo has railed for months against what he describes as the city’s laissez-faire attitude toward executing statewide COVID-19 precautions and safety measures, arguing last week that the recent surges are a direct result of a lack of enforcement.

Some questioned Cuomo’s approach, comparing it to Trump’s promise to pull federal fund from some Democratic-run cities, dubbed “anarchist jurisdictions” following protests against police brutality and systemic racism.

“Is he going to label them anarchist jurisdictions too?” Sen. Michael Gianaris (D-Queens) tweeted after the governor’s announcement. “If this threat is implemented and desperately needed funds are withheld, the legislature should reconvene immediately and revoke emergency powers.”


Stand up New Yorkers and all states who are still closed to these nazis.


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