As we all know that listening is the other half of talking. If people stop listening, it is useless to talk – a point not always appreciated. Listening isn’t the simple thing it seems to be.

After all, Americans are not good listeners. In general they talk more than they listen. Competition in our culture puts a high premium on self-expression – even if the moderator has nothing to say.

What she lacked in knowledge she tried to make up for by talking fast. Most people after hearing the subject matter are too busy thinking of their stunning reply they miss the point and thereby stop the conversation.

Most times her attention span was so short we only heard a quarter of what the speaker said. That is what happens when the moderator presented herself as did Guthrie which was a “cram” exam.

Where was the polished intellectual moderator? Not on that stage with the President!

I viewed her as a wild woman trying to make her mark in interviewing the President by ‘scratching her finger nails on a white chalk board.’ She was very combative and rude.

While trying to cover a lot of territory and ended up by looking like “she wasn’t ready for prime time.” Where are these left women’s manners? They certainly don’t represent the manner in which we were raised. Does she treat her parents in this manner? It’s called respect.

This galloping concentration in broadcast is unhealthy because sooner or later we will come out into the light again and hope this isn’t a permanent state of our life. She is in an adult world and she should not expect to be coddled as we were in childhood. The left has a hard time playing in the “adult” world.


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