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It is time to part the waves and stand up for our rights AND to have our say. The tech companies have become the Gestapo and all of that comes from the monopoly that Congress has allowed them to swoop up and buy companies who try to compete against them. Congress needs to review how many companies Google/Microsoft/Twitter/Facebook have bought by making them offers they couldn’t refuse and resulted in each of them able to monopolize the tech business. Time to shove 230 up their behind and let the sun shine in and expose them. They are too big for their britches.


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Biden crouchingThe Robber Baron Democrats of Silicon Valley and Social Media continue to abuse their power with their ongoing interference in the 2020 presidential election. Influential people don’t want you to hear about Joe Biden’s meetings with his son’s alleged co-conspirators. Social Media outlets which allow the spread of idiotic conspiracy theories claiming Trump can be tied to kidnapping plots suddenly act like they have standards when it comes to verifiable exposes about the Joe Biden Crime Family.

Senile Joe Biden and his son Hunter’s alleged Influence-Peddling schemes are getting more and more exposure in the news lately so Jack Dorsey at Twitter joined with Democrats at Facebook and elsewhere to smother AND IN SOME CASES SUSPEND accounts trying to share news stories about the ongoing Biden scandals.

Biden blackmailing UkraineThe technofascists do not deserve Section 230 protection as they have proven over and over and over again that they abuse their power…

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